Dear Women and teenage girls,

One Scream can

  • detect your panic scream

  • identify your location

  • and send for help

It Even works from the bottom of your bag 



Feel SaFe. Be confident

If you're in danger and can not reach your phone, your panic scream automatically triggers the app.

- A text message and an automated call with your location is then sent to your nominated contact. 

- The phone line stays open so they hear what's happening and get you help fast.



How One Scream works

1.    Add up to 3 people to be notified when you need help.

2. Activate the app and leave it to run in the background of your phone. 

If you are in danger and you cannot reach your phone

1.    your panic scream triggers the app - even when your phone is buried in your bag

2. You hear a loud siren, the phone vibrates and a notification pops up

3. You have 20 seconds to cancel the alarm if you need to

4.    We then send an automated message to your chosen contacts 

5.    and create an open line for your helper to hear real events. 


“How Do I cancel an alarm?”

We have carefully measured the qualities that define a true panic scream.

However, if the alarm does mistakenly activate, you have 20 seconds to cancel it before your contacts are notified. A push notification and siren will alert you that the alarm has gone off.


“Does the app listen to what I say?”

One Scream can't understand words and the app does not record conversations; it is trained to detect panic screams only.

One Scream also doesn’t track your location!

We built One Scream to make you feel safe!”


“What happens if someone next to me screams?”

You can bump into friends and laugh as much as you like - the app only detects a panic scream, which is a very specific and complex noise.


Read our help section if you have any more questions

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