This is One Scream

One Scream is a new handsfree personal safety app for women and teenage girls that can stay with the user wherever she goes.

If the user panic screams (a louder, more complex sound than any other), the app detects it, even when the phone’s across the room or buried at the bottom of her bag. 

Once a panic scream is detected, the phone vibrates and plays back a loud siren before an alert is triggered. The user has 20 seconds to cancel it if she is safe. 

One Scream then sends a message with her name and location to whoever she chose for support. The phone line stays open so she can speak hands-free.


Imminent threats provoke fast, reflexive actions.

Females largely lack androgens, which, in many species and humans, act to develop the male brain for aggression to activate aggressive behaviour in specific threatening contexts. This difference between the sexes suggests that females are unlikely to show a physical "fight" response to threat.  1.)

It was found that women chose to yell or scream as their first choice whereas men chose to attack or struggle. 2.) 




One common lesson we all learn as children is to dial 999 if we encounter any dangerous situations. The ability for us to do this has increased now that practically everyone owns a mobile phone. This made me think; even though our phones have become our safety net, sometimes reaching for our phone in unsafe conditions is not an option. I wanted to find a solution to this.  

That's how One Scream was born. The women’s safety app works off her natural response of screaming when in fear, without needing to unlock her phone. I wanted to create a reliable and accessible way to detect danger and to help prevent abuse against women before it even happens.

One Scream is designed to allow women to pursue anything while keeping themselves safe. I believe we all need to take responsibility for our own safety and wellbeing, as well as take responsibility for those surrounding us.

Uta de Veer, founder 

Our Vision

With all our passion the One Scream team is developing a hands free voice activated safety app to save women in severe moments of distress.

We are engaging, available, reliable and take responsibility for ourselves and the people surrounding us.

The Team

"I envisioned One Scream to be an uncomplicated, invisible helper that is there for you to feel safer or even get help fast if you need it. It is not another monitoring app intruding your life, watching every step you do."

Uta de Veer, founder 


"I started working with One Scream in 2016, it has been a steep learning curve working on mobile development, digital signal processing and machine learning. I love what I do because here I impact other peoples lives."

Feras Alsaab, lead developer 

Press Contact

Uta de Veer, founder

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I am worried my alarm will activate when it shouldn’t!

We have carefully measured the qualities that define a true panic scream. Just as your own ear hears real distress, our app can also distinguish a true panic scream from other screams and sounds. However if the alarm does mistakenly activate, you have 20 seconds to cancel the alarm. A push notification with the option to cancel the alarm will appear on your phone.

Is One Scream listening to what I say?

One Scream can't understand words and the app does not record phone conversations; it is trained to detect panic screams only.