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Hands-Free Safety Alert

Women and girls shouldn’t be afraid to go out alone, but you feel safer when there’s someone there to help if you need it. Partners, parents and friends can worry less too.

One Scream is a new handsfree personal safety app for women and teenage girls that can stay with you wherever you go.

If you panic scream (a louder, more complex sound than any other), the app detects it, even when your phone’s across the room or buried at the bottom of your bag.


Just as you instinctively recognise a cry for help as opposed to a playful scream, so does the app.


voice activated safety 

A safeguarding app works well because you keep your phone close.

If a panic scream is detected, the phone vibrates, you hear a loud siren and lights flash before an alert is triggered. You’ve 20 seconds to cancel it if you’re safe.          

One Scream then sends a message with your name and location to whoever you choose for support. And the best bit? The phone line stays open so you can speak hands-free.


One Scream doesn’t track your location, nor can it understand words or record conversations



Designed for Peace of mind







Think freedom

One Scream is developed by a woman, so she knows that vulnerable feeling – perhaps if you live or work alone, or get home late one night.

Even from a young age, girls can begin to modify their behaviour. Deciding as a teenager where you'll happily go alone, what to wear or how late you should travel.

One Scream can’t prevent a crime but sends for help FAST if you’re in trouble.  


It won’t work if your phone is off, has no signal, you’re on a call or using the microphone for another app.




We need your help





Become a Scream shaper

What we really want is for the app to dial 999 when it detects a panic scream, but first, we need to prove how accurate it is. That’s where you come in...

One Scream is currently available in the UK for iPhone users. It's in beta, which means we’re still adding the finishing touches. We need women and girls aged 14+ to try it out.

Use One Scream. Share it. If you don’t like it, just delete it, but please tell us why! Help us build a dependable app for women and girls everywhere who'd like a silent chaperone.

Chat with us in the app - click the speech bubble - or email help@onescream.com.


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