What is a panic scream?

A panic scream is a woman’s innate response to danger. A scream is a universally recognised primal sound that humans make when in distress, to call for help. All panic screams have very similar qualities.

What if my reaction to danger is not screaming?

Many people have never faced a situation where they have had to panic scream. It is an innate response for females in danger to scream for help. If you do not scream, the app will not be able to detect you.

Who can use One Scream?

We recommend One Scream for girls aged 14+ and women under 60. We'd love to offer the app to everyone; but young girls, seniors and males sound different when they scream. We'd have to build a separate app for them. 

Do I need to scream at the app to calibrate it to my scream?

One Scream has been developed to detect common panic screams. Experience has shown that it is difficult for women to fake their scream. Therefore, you do not need to scream at the app to calibrate it.


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