Why is One Scream just for Women?

At One Scream we recognise that it’s not just women and teenage girls that experience moments of distress, and our goal is to work towards including everyone, once we are able to build out our app’s functionality.

For now however, at the start of our journey, we want to concentrate our efforts on creating the best app we can, and really refine our technology, before we expand our capabilities.

We'd of course love to offer the app to everyone and in excluding groups we are not claiming that they do not need help.

Our extensive research shows that girls under 14, seniors and males sound different when they scream, and so need very different triggers and voice recognition technology.

Our research shows that the Panic Scream is an innate response from females in danger to scream for help.

This unified response allowed us to build technology to address the real-time needs, should you find yourself in a situation you’d rather not be in:

  • Building a hands free app

    We know that in these moments, distress and panic means you need something which will help you right then, and not something you need to reach for in your bag.

  • Building a much more reliable app

    The app triggers only from a true Panic Scream, which has very unique qualities. It does not trigger from other ‘screams’ like laughing, joking around and just enjoying life!

  • Opportunity to cancel it

    If, in the event you trigger it with a panic scream but you don’t want to proceed with the process, you can cancel the alarm in 20 seconds.

Many people have never faced a situation where they have had to panic scream. It is an innate response for females in danger to scream for help. If you do not scream, the app will not be able to detect you. 

Watch this space for future developments as soon as we can share them!

Victoria Scally