What is good for women, is also good for the nation


Make noise and make change

What does every woman want in 2018? Equality. This year is the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and an article has been published by ‘National Post’ to reflect on the meaning and relevance of this.

Women want to see their human rights respected. Rights to personal safety, economic security and meaningful participation, all of which are intimately connected to each other. They are taking action through women’s marches to promote issues of fairness, with the expectations that justice will follow.

Politicians and society as a whole must understand that gender equality has far-reaching positive consequences. The commitment to respect women’s rights means the elimination of gender-based economic and social discrimination. By doing so, everyone can become more resilient, prosperous and content once human rights and women’s rights become entwined.  

Time’s up for gender injustice

Time’s up for gender injustice

Personal safety is connected to economic security, health and well-being and the valuing of all women’s contributions past, present and future. It is for this reason that economic insecurity is a primary cause of concern for women. This insecurity can diminish autonomy and leave women and girls feeling vulnerable.

Seeing gender as integral to the economy brings the true value of women into the conversation. One Scream is well aware of what women and the whole of society stands to gain if we can ensure women’s safety.

While we are doing our bit to help, more questions about women’s equality need to be asked and answered. Women all over the world demand their rights. The devaluation of the lives and aspirations of women and girls has to end now. In 2018, human rights are women’s rights.

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