Cheers to a sociable and safe 2018

We don’t believe in depriving ourselves of everything joyful in January. If you try this list of feel-good resolutions, you’ll start – and finish – the year feeling happier, safer and more sociable.

1. Make time for your loved one’s

There’s nothing quite like bonding over a cup of coffee

There’s nothing quite like bonding over a cup of coffee

We believe in precious moments of uncomplicated happiness and know how important it is to find time for family and friends. It doesn’t always have to be planned in advance or be eventful enough to make it to your Instagram feed. If they live close by, even just popping round for a coffee can make you both smile for the rest of the day. If you have to travel, make sure you’re not trying to fit too much in and let it become just another chore. Just enjoy the company, even if it’s just a short and sweet visit.

2. Take up a new hobby

With January’s notoriously quiet social calendar, there’s plenty of time to spend learning something new. If you’ve always wanted to hone your cooking skills, try making more food from scratch. Other things you could try include joining a book club, practising yoga at home, signing up to an art course, or learning a new language.

3. Schedule social gathering

Be careful of who you meet in nightclubs

Be careful of who you meet in nightclubs

Most people leave it up to others to schedule social gatherings. But why not try putting a reminder in your calendar to organise the next catch up? Don’t worry about the pressure, you’ll be surprised at how taking control can make you feel more energised. Whether you plan a weekend retreat or a big night out, remember your surroundings.

If it’s the latter, take those necessary precautions to feel more at ease. While the UK has seen an increase in the amount of stalking and harassment offences in 2017, One Scream has been developed to reduce the amount of harmful attacks. If you’d like to speak to someone about a personal experience, please contact the National Stalking Helpline.

Looking for more ways to add some joy to your January? Or have you got your own ideas to share with the community? Please get in touch with us as we’d love to hear from you

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