What is a panic scream?

A panic scream is a woman’s natural response to danger. A scream is a universally recognized primal sound that humans make when in distress, to call for help. All panic screams have very similar qualities.

In my nightmares I cannot scream. What if I cannot scream in real life?

Many people who cannot scream in nightmares or have never screamed in their lives will often scream if they are in danger and need help. It is an innate response for females in danger to scream for help. If you do not scream, the app will not be able to help you.

What happens if I scream at my phone when I am not in danger?

Do not try to scream a panic scream for the app unless you are in distress. If you misuse the app, Police can ask us to block you as a user; false alarms distract Police from doing their job, protecting those in real danger.

Do I need to scream for the app?

You should not scream unless you are in real distress.



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