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How can I change my account information?

How can I manage my subscription?

Can I cancel my yearly subscription before the end of the year?


How much does One Scream cost?

I am having trouble paying

Are there any hidden extra fees, for example when I have created an alert?

Fix a problem

How do I close or exit the One Scream app?

My app is not working.

Your Privacy

Is One Scream listening to what I say?

Who can see my location?

What do you do with my information?



What is a panic scream?

In my nightmares I cannot scream. What if I cannot scream in real life?

What happens if I scream at my phone when I am not in danger?

Do I need to scream for the app?

About the app

I am worried my alarm will activate when it shouldn’t!

What should I expect if the alarm is activated?

How can I stop the alert if I am not able to cancel within the 12 seconds?

What are Frequented Addresses?

What is the red bar on the top of my iPhone screen?

How do I know One Scream is listening?

In which countries is One Scream available?

When should I use One Scream?

One Scream on your Phone

Do I need a phone plan?

Can I use One Scream on my tablet or computer?

What happens if I have no signal/connection?

Is One Scream running down my battery?

I want to switch One Scream off in places like the cinema or the theatre.