I am worried my alarm will activate when it shouldn’t!

We have carefully measured the qualities that define a true panic scream. Just as your own ear hears real distress, our app can also distinguish a true panic scream from other screams and sounds. However if the alarm does mistakenly activate, you have 12 seconds to cancel the alarm. A push notification with the option to cancel the alarm will appear on your phone.

What should I expect if the alarm is activated?

The phone will vibrate, you will hear a loud siren, and the lights of your phone will flash. You have 12 seconds to cancel the alarm before the police are notified.

How can I stop the alert if I am not able to cancel within the 12 seconds?

If an alert has been sent to your contacts, it is crucial to stay on the line and confirm your false alarm.

What is the red bar on the top of my iPhone screen?

Apple requires the red bar to show when an app is using your microphone while continuously running in the background.

How do I know One Scream is ON?

You will see a red bar at the top of your screen, this red bar signifies that One Scream is listening. 

In which countries is One Scream available?

Currently One Scream is only available in the UK. We hope to launch in other countries soon!

When should I use One Scream?

While it is up to your discretion, we hope you will leave One Scream running in the background at all times. There will be instances when you would always remember to turn One Scream on, such as when walking home late or on a long run alone. We also want to be activated in the unlikely event of a sudden or unexpected attack. 



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